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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013 Death Star Infiltration Cheats

It’s August 1st and rebel penguins can now infiltrate the Death Star and stop the empire from taking over the galaxy! Along with this, there’s some new items out in the catalog! You can now become the Emperor and an Imperial Officer!

You can now access the Death Star through the map! Get ready for an intense battle!

Let’s go!

When you arrive Princess Cadence will be there talking to you! 

Waddle through to the first room and you’ll be faced with a challenge! Here’s Princess Cadence talking you through the first one:

Once you’ve completed that you’ll win a pin and coins!

Now the bridge will open:.

Go through the door to the left and you’ll see another terminal where you need crack the code to infiltrate the Death Star. Here’s the solution to number 2:

You’ll win some coins and a pair of shoes!

You’ll now be able to go up to the lifts to a new room:
Time to crack the code here! Here’s the solution:

Once you’ve done that you’ll get some coins and a rebel helmet!

Now you’ll be able to go through the door on the right to a new room.
You’ll need to crack the code once again. Here’s the solution:

You’ll now get some coins and a rebel jacket:

Now you’ll be able to go through the door on the right and enter a new room.
Crack the code in this room as well. Here’s the solution:

Crack the code and you’ll get some coins and a Rebel background!

Once you’ve done that you’ve successfully infiltrated the Death Star!

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