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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Medieval Party: Magical Potion Book Adventure!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin uploaded a new video! In this video they are telling about the Magical Potion Book Adventure! Check the video right now here!

The video was too awesome! Didn't you think that?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Message from Dot!

Hey guys! Dot has send us a new message! It's about troublemakers and Summer Jam! Here is a screenshot:

She said:
The Summer Jam has started .Keep your eyes peeled for troublemakers,but don't forget to hit the beach and have some fun!

So what do you think?Who is that troublemaker?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Pin: Friends Forever

Hey guys! Club Penguin has just released another pin named Friend Forever pin! It is available at Night Club! Here is a screenshot:


It really looks good.This is one of the most good looking pin in my opinion.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Game Coming to My Penguin iPad: Jetpack Boost!

Hey guys! Polo Field just posted about a New Upcoming on My Penguin! So here it is what Polo said

I am super stoked to tell you that there will be a brand new mini game coming only to the My Penguin app!
Remember when Spike Hike said there will be a classic game "re-fueled"
Get ready for Jetpack Boost, a sequel to the Club Penguin classic game Jetpack Adventure! Here's a screenshot:
This game is awesome! I've barely been able to put down my iPad long enough to write this post.
Stay tuned for more updates here on the blog.
Until then…waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
So what do you think about the new game? Jetpack Boost? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, 19 August 2013

September Party is coming on 19th of September

Hey guys! Spike Hike has tweeted that September's Party is coming on 19 September....Here is his tweet!
So what do ya think? Let us know in the comments below!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Waddle On: Episode 6th!

Hey guys! Club Penguin has just uploaded a new episode of Waddle On Series! Here it is-

So how funny is the new episode?Let us know in the comments below!

Penguin Of The Day: Bluebellgb

Daffodaily has released the Penguin Of The Day for August 16th. Today's Penguin Of The Day is Bluebellgb. According to Daffodaily, Bluebellgb has been on Club Penguin for a long time. He likes to tell stories about the old Club Penguin. That's pretty interesting! Here is the post:

Bluebellgb has been on Club Penguin for a long time, knows a lot about the history of the Island and loves to get together with friends to tell stories. Brill!

Congratulations to Bluebellgb!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Minor Club Penguin Updates: Home Page Sliders, Log off Screen, and More!

Club Penguin just updated with a bunch of major updates, but there are also LOTS of minor updates too! The many minor updates are all listed below.
The first minor update of this week is some brand new Home Page sliders that are 3! The first one is a moving picture which shows penguins doing different activities of the party. Here they're:
The second slider shows that members can party backstage! Here it is:
As for the third slider, it shows that on the next My Penguin app version Igloos will be available!
The second minor update is a new background added to Club Penguin's Home Page shown below.

The third minor update is the addition of the old Home Page slider as a Log off screen.
The fourth minor update is some new Home Page widgets! The first one shows that members can now shop for the latest summer styles at the current Penguin Style Catalogue eddition.

The second widget contains a link to the official Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party 2013 trailer video.
The fifth minor update is that when your puffle finds something to dig up, a '!' mark will appear above it.

The sixth and final update is that the button which lets you take a puffle for a walk is now added under the Pet Papers section.

Club Penguin Costume Trunk Cheats

As for the Costume Trunk catalogue, here's its cover:
Here are all the catalogue's pages:





There's just 1 hidden item, and to find it head to the first page of the catalogue and click on the III on the stage play's logo to find it.

Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Sneak Peek

Big Momma's inside:
Biking Game:

Some items from the party's catalogue for members:




The Dock:

The 3 emotes of this party:

Some of the party's catalogue items on your player can: (notice the full beach in the background of the screen NOT the player card)

Mckenzie's and Brady's penguins will be able to do a special dance:


Surfing game:

The Dock:


The 3 emotes of this party:


Some of the party's catalogue items on your player can: (notice the full beach in the background of the screen NOT the player card)


Mckenzie's and Brady's penguins will be able to do a special dance:


Big Momma's special members room:


The Snow Forts:


Surfing game:


Are you excited for this upcoming HUGE and EPIC party

Join Tato Maxx In His One Year Of Blogging Celebration This Friday, August 16th

Club Penguin's Spanish blogger, Tato Maxx, is having a celebration on Club Penguin this Friday, August 16th to celebrate a whole year of blogging since August 2012! He's not going to held 1 but 4 parties, and their details can be found below.

  • Server Bahía Rock at 7:00 AM PST
  • Server Ola surfera at 9:30 AM PST
  • Server Yeti at 11:30 AM PST
  • Server Batido de mango at 1:30 PM PST
NOTE: For EST add three hours to the PST times. For the UK add eight hours to the PST times.

Jetpack Boost, A New Version Of Jetpack Adventure, Coming To The My Penguin App's Version 1.2

Everyone has been so excited for the next My Penguin app's version and keep asking what new additions are getting added to it, so today after Trainman1405 and V0rtex made some investigations they found out that ONE of the next app's features is going to be a new version of Jetpack Adventure called Jetpack Boost in which EVERYTHING is different from the original game as there are new graphics, game play, topic of the game, etc... Here are some of the information and sneak peeks that were found of this new version of the classic Jetpack Adventure minigame:
Complete goals to earn extra coins
Swipe up and down to control your penguin in Turbo
You are INVINCIBLE in Turbo Mode! Smash through obstacles for bonus
Collect Robot Penguins to protect you from getting hurt
You can collect up to 3 Robot Penguins at a time.
Gary’s MAGNETRON 3000 has malfunctioned, and now coins are floating everywhere.
Watch for “!” warnings. They tell you something dangerous is coming next
Hello User! I need your help!
My Magnetron 3000 has gone haywire and shot coins all over the sky!
Use your jetpack to fly as far as you can and collect the coins while avoiding obstacles!

Some screenshots of the game:

More Minor Club Penguin Updates: Log In Screen + Activating A Penguin Is Now A Must Before Being Able To Play!

There are even 2 more minor updates which I just spotted along to all the past ones. The first minor Club Penguin update is the addition of the MOVING Summer Jam Party 2013 Home Page slider as a Log In screen.
The second and final minor update is that now you cannot start playing using your new penguin account unless you activate it by using the link of the activation email, or else this message will prevent you from playing:

Club Penguin Blog: Guest Blog from Ross Lynch!

There's a brand new blog post by a special guest on the Club penguin blog that's related to the upcoming Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party 2013! Guess who's the special guest? It's Ross Lynch himself! Read the guest post he published on the official Club Penguin English blog below.

Hey Everyone... Ross Lynch here! Some of you may have seen me as Brady in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie.

Just wanted to let you all know how stoked I am to be a part of the upcoming Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. Having played Club Penguin when I was younger, I never would have thought my character from the movie would end up being a mascot in one of the parties!
The party looks pretty epic so stay tuned for more party updates and mascot meet up times from Polo Field.
Later guys!
I'm really soooooo excited for the party and to meet Mckenzie and Brady! What about you? Don't forget to tell us by commenting in the comments section!