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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hello Penguins!

The Star Wars Takeover Party 2013 is finally arrived on Club Penguin and we have all the cheats, hidden items, and secrets for the party! Let’s begin!

You can join the Star Wars Takeover Party by going to the dock and entering the ship.

Once you click here, she will give you a brief description of what’s going on. She will then add an icon to screen where you can access free items and new worlds to enter throughout your journey.
Once you finish talking to her, click on the icon and will be able to view a screen showing the different planets and items. You can also equip yourself with a lightsaber (MEMBERS ONLY) by clicking “Equip Lightsaber” in the bottom right corner.

Once you equip yourself with a lightsaber, Sensei will give you a brief description on how to use the lightsaber.

You can receive items from dueling with a other Jedi and also receive more items by clicking the button that says “More Items”

Once you’ve seen what items you can get, enter the world of Tatoonie.

Once you enter, you have to defeat stormtroopers. Click on any of the boxes that label “Defeat Stormtroopers” to start the minigame.

There will be three different levels to defeat the stormtroopers. It’s a very simple minigame, you just need to use your spacebar and your mouse to complete this game.

Once you finish, you will be reward with an item and some coins.

Tatoonie also has a custom map for itself!

[This page will update with new guides when new worlds become available]

Club Penguin also added a catalog filled with Star Wars costumes, check it out! There are items for both members and non-members!

The party also has brand new emotes on Club Penguin, check them out:

That’s is all for the Star Wars Takeover party, let us know what you think about the party,Once you enter for the first time into the ship, you will see Cadence, click on her!

-Cool Pixels

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