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Friday, 16 August 2013

Minor Club Penguin Updates: Home Page Sliders, Log off Screen, and More!

Club Penguin just updated with a bunch of major updates, but there are also LOTS of minor updates too! The many minor updates are all listed below.
The first minor update of this week is some brand new Home Page sliders that are 3! The first one is a moving picture which shows penguins doing different activities of the party. Here they're:
The second slider shows that members can party backstage! Here it is:
As for the third slider, it shows that on the next My Penguin app version Igloos will be available!
The second minor update is a new background added to Club Penguin's Home Page shown below.

The third minor update is the addition of the old Home Page slider as a Log off screen.
The fourth minor update is some new Home Page widgets! The first one shows that members can now shop for the latest summer styles at the current Penguin Style Catalogue eddition.

The second widget contains a link to the official Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party 2013 trailer video.
The fifth minor update is that when your puffle finds something to dig up, a '!' mark will appear above it.

The sixth and final update is that the button which lets you take a puffle for a walk is now added under the Pet Papers section.

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