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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013 Cheats – Yavin 4

Club Penguin have released the third and final part to the Star Wars Takeover today and with this there has been the release of a new mini-game and more cheats! We need to fly to Yavin 4 which is now available on the map:

Enter Yavin 4 and Princess Cadence will speak to you about your mission:

Now it’s time to be an X-wing pilot and destroy the Death Star once and for all! To do this, enter the X-wing:

Now this message will show. Play this game three times to gain three different rewards – remember it gets harder as you progress!

Now let’s play Level 1! Here are the instructions on how to play the game:

Once you have finished the mini-game you’ll see this message appear showing you how well you’ve done:

Finally, you’ll receive a medal for stopping Darth Herbert and destroying the Death Star! 

To end the Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013 Cheats with, Club Penguin have added two new items to their Star Wars catalog today – have fun flying!

Congratulations rebel penguins, thanks to your hard efforts over the past three weeks you have made Tatooine safe from Stromtroopers, successfully infiltrated the Death Star and have now destroyed the Death Star stopping Darth Herbert from his evil plans

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