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Friday, 16 August 2013

Club Penguin Puffle Digging For Food Is Now Here

Did you hear the news? Members' puffles can now not just dig up coins or items, but even their favorite foods! Just take any of your puffles for a walk, and they'll dig up their favourite food then go to your igloo and feed them it for an amazing result. Here's me finding the Yogurt Parfait with my White Puffle:
Due to this new feature, there are 2 new pages regarding puffle digging for food added to the Puffle Handbook. You can know from it which puffle digs up what food, and what will result of you feeding your puffle the food it picked up!
The contents page of the Puffle Handbook was also updated with a button that links to the 2 pages above.

There's also a new stamp named as 'Tasty Treasure' which can be unlocked when your puffle digs up its first favorite food.

That's all for the puffle digging for food, as for the update of the original puffle digging for items, the team has added 2 new items that can be dug up; the Exersice Ball and Garden Furniture items!

Do you like the new feature?

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