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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Club Penguin Introducing Puffle Favorite Foods!

During the past 2 months, Club Penguin added 2 new features for puffles; Digging for coins then digging for items which are so cool that many players decided to take their puffles with them wherever they go to earn some coins and items! And today, Polo Field posted on the Club Penguin blog that starting August 15, MEMBERS' puffles will be able not to only dig coins and items but even food to feed themselves. And that's not all, whenever your puffle eats their favorite treat, all their starts will go up to 100%, and it'll do a special dance shown in the picture attached to Polo Field's blog post below.

Tip: The higher your puffle's stats, the more likely they are to dig up more coins? W00t!

 What do you think of the cool new features Club Penguin is making for the cute and fluffy pet puffles? Do you like them

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