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Monday, 15 July 2013

More Times to meet Rookie

Note: The timings are in Pacific Standard Time and Servers are Portuguese Servers.

• 12th July, Friday
6:30 AM, at Pizza Fria,
7:35 AM, at Torta de Atum,
9:10 AM, at Pororoca Polar,
12:15 PM, at Aventura.

• 13th July, Saturday
o 8:30 AM, at Frapê,
o 10:10 AM, at Polo Sul,
o 12:30 PM, at Meias de Lã,
o 6:45 PM, at Vale Branco.

• 14th July, Sunday:
o 9:00 AM, at Torta de Atum,
o 11:00 AM, at Ventania,
o 1:00 PM, at Mamute,
o 2:00 PM, at Zero Grau.

• 15th July, Monday
o 6:30 AM, at Aurora Boreal,
o 8:30 AM, at Zero Grau,
o 10:45 AM, at Bloco de Gelo,
o 1:30 PM, at Deu Branco.

• 16th July, Tuesday
o 4:30 AM, at Floco de Neve,
o 7:20 AM, at Torta de Atum,
o 11:20 AM, at Zero Grau,
o 3:15 PM, at Freezer.

• 17th July, Wednesday
o 5:45 AM, at Friaca,
o 8:20 AM, at Zero Grau,
o 12:30 PM, at Avalanche,
o 7:10 PM, at Granizo.

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